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Interesting Photos Sue but they seem full of smelly things, and I am forbidden from commenting. LOL

Judi Clark

Sue, this is beautiful! What a wonderful place to sit and have coffee or read or visit with friends. I wish fragrance could be attached to photos. How long do the Wisteria last?

Its nice that you included such a large photo since it really gives a chance to look around!


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL- I love your garden!

Julie McLeod

Your yard looks to be an oasis of peace and beauty. And the wisteria is just amazing. I hope you won't mind waking up one morning and finding 50 or so photowalkers there taking photos!

Julie McLeod

I should have said too, that I love the way you photographed the arbour from the garden entrance and framed the photo with the hanging wisteria. It looks so inviting!

Sue C

Very beautiful photos Sue!

Tammy McChesney

Can I move in with you...that looks like paradise!


You framed this so well, what a lovely and inviting scene. I've joked before about how swell a scratch and sniff blog widget would be.

Jens Langhans

Your garden is breathtaking, WoW!! Just awesome!

Doris Pacheco

What awesome shots of such a gorgeous garden! You must be so proud! It has been such a long time since I have seen a white wisteria. I can almost smell them from here. Gorgeous work.


awesome display of nature!

Christina, Sweden

What a wonderful garden you have and such a beautiful frame the lovely wisteria made. I wish I could have one of those but its to cold in winter...

Clara Williams

So beautiful. I love the texture of the bricks of the patio. The wisteria is beatiful. A very inviting scene.


Wow! What a beautiful garden. Looks inviting. Love the image of the wisteria.


What a lovely garden. Looks very inviting. Would be nice with a nice tall something to drink! Beautifully framed. Nice photo of the wisteria.

Karen S (klsbear)

Just heavenly - you didn't tell us you lived in paradise. Your garden looks like the one I have in my fantasy dreams when I think about what I want my yard to look like.

Mary Lou

This is beautiful and how lovely to have it so close to your house. Gorgeous garden.


Wow that garden is amazing...and I love all your photos. Now I just wish I could smell it!


Your photos are lovely! I really need to come have tea some day and sit in your garden. It looks so pretty and peaceful!


What a lovely scene! I've never really seen the white wisteria. If it's got a nice fragrance, that would be a big plus!

Carolyn Egerszegi

Hi Sue, Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out Farah's photos. Your work is wonderful too. You've got some really nice shots on your blog. And thanks for your comment about the "X in the sky" photo. I thought it looked like a kiss in the sky too!!! Funny.


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