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I tried to tell everyone that rumours of your Demise were a premature and gross exaggeration. Do you need someone to carry your bags especially to the U2 Concert??????


Ha! Thanks Ron for your faith in my ability to survive LOL!! Would love to have you carry my bags

As Arnie says..."I'll be back"

Julie McLeod

I was wondering what you'd been up to! Glad to know you're well and busy and have big plans underway. Enjoy the wedding and the trip and be sure to post photos when you have time. We'll be here waiting!

Tammy McChesney

I have been wondering where you've been...glad to hear you are busy and having fun! Enjoy your son's wedding and Ireland and turkey (wow, when you do stuff you do it BIG)! :) Have fun!

Mary Lou

Glad you are enjoying your travels. You have a lot of exciting times coming up. Enjoy them and be sure to post some photographs when you can.


What they said! I was glad when my feed reader said that you'd posted.

Sheila McDowell

Glad to see you check in Sue - have wonderful trips and check in when you can!

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