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Well Hello Stranger! I have missed you! Wow, when you do things you do them big! Sorry to hear about your FIL and your ankle! Hang in there!

Very pretty pics...I love that soft glow! I think I prefer the first image...


I'm glad you had a wonderful trip but I'm sorry about your FIL- that's a very difficult decision! I hope your move goes well- good luck packing and we look forward to reading more about your latest adventures!


I have never been to Turkey or spain, but that is so reminiscent of photos that friends brought back from their donkey trip from Bacelona to Saville, where they said all the villages appeared to have that type of scene. They also found it romantic.

Julie McLeod

I believe I prefer the first image too.

You do have a lot on the go now, don't you? It's wonderful that your father-in-law is settling in well and no doubt it is the best solution for dealing with the sad reality of dementia. (My mother-in-law is in a nursing home here in Ottawa, also with Alzheimer's.) Good luck with all the preparations for moving and hope to see you blogging again in the new year.

I've been thinking about your nephew and wondering whether he's is back from Afghanistan yet....


How fine to 'see' you again. I prefer the top image too by a tiny bit. You have a lot on your plate, I look forward to seeing more of your images once things settle.


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