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leslie (crookedstamper)

Wow, they don't build them like they used to. Can you imagine any of our current buildings lasting 1600+ years? Not.

Tell us about those paintings where the bottom parts are worn off. Are they being restored, or is that all that's left of them?

Thanks for the great pics! I look forward to more!

Mariam Kobras

Incredible... I've always wanted to go, and we will yet.
Leslie, buildings of that age are not so unusual in Europe. We should go to Rome together some day.... :)


Susie these photos are stunning!!!!! I love the hotel and the mosque! And I think you would love pottery- I have a wheel at home that needs some love ;) hehe


Tammy McChesney

Next time you take a holiday you have to stuff me in your suitcase (well, it would have to be a pretty large suitcase, but none the less...) LOL

OMG these images show so much culture and beauty! I could stare at these for hours...can hardly wait for MORE!

Sue C

Thank you for sharing this amazing vacation! We must get a few of us together, to see the photos and hear more...


Leslie, the pictures are actually Mosaics. The Hagia Sofia church was originally Greek Orthodox, when it became a Mosque they covered the mosaics in a sort of whitewash, some of them are lost but they are still uncovering more. They are stunningly beautiful...you can see more on the Flickr link I sent you. The church is now a museum.

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