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leslie (crookedstamper)

You will always have the memories of this house, and you can look forward to all the new memories you'll make in the new house. {hugs}


Hi Sue,
Your garden in the old home is so beautiful! I can imagine that it was a lot of work to maintain it, but I can almost feel it how hard it will be to leave even if you are looking forward to a low maintenance terrace.
Thanks for popping into my virtual place from Sarah's Beach Cottage. It's funny, during my almost 22 years in Canada, I never had a chance to visit the West. Well, I do hope to be back from time to time, I am leaving a lot of good friends in Canada, so maybe one of these days I will finally see Vancouver and the Rockies.
Good luck with your move!
From one moving blogger to another :-).


Moving is always so bittersweet... leaving wonderful memories to build new ones!

But is that a hot tube I spy in the background of the new house? AWESOME!


wow.za. that is a beautiful garden for sure!! but i'm sure you'll have great parties & be able to recreate some of the magic at the new place.

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