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This is so beautiful!!!


there are some really pretty buttons in there! love what you did with them!

leslie (crookedstamper)

SO pretty! I have a box of buttons from my Mom's stash like those. love that they are really cut from shirts to be reused.


Love it!!! Some of those buttons in your bag are gorgeous. How much does one pay for 5 lbs of buttons?

Sarah { a b e a c h c o t t a g e }


love it!

love the jar, love the buttons, LOVE the paint colour, love the window, love the photgraphy


What a great score. I love buttons too!! Lovely idea to put them in that lamp.


So glad you're back- and LOVE those buttons! The container is so pretty and clever- I'm loving your new digs!!!


I LOVE this. I bet it was fun looking through them. They look so pretty in the tall vessel.


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