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For years I would often see a large bird in our local stream, but I could never identified it. I used to tell my children that I had spotted the pterodactyl. One day, I got a good look and identified it as a Blue Heron. And last year I managed to get a photo of it. Love the water color---good shot.


A beautiful image...so peaceful!


Thanks Tammy, I had a hard time getting the light right without blowing out the water or missing any foreground detail. I was quite happy with it ..for me LOL


Perfectly composed. I've never seen a baby heron I bet they really show how close to dinosaurs they are.


Fabulous image, the calm water tricks the eye into thinking the bird is on a cliff and the sky is wide open!

Judi Clark

I like the way you've filled the majority of the shot with the water (what beautiful colors and light) and yet this giant bird is not dwarfed.


Great use of the rule of thirds. Love it!

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